Sow the Seeds of Success 
A 6 step branding package for start-ups and small businesses

seedlings, by jose luis on unsplash

Whether you've decided to start your own business or you've been trading for a while,

this packgage has been designed with YOU in mind. 

It will help you go to market in a way that works for YOU, and that is unique to YOU and the way you do business.

Step 1- Introductions

In this session, I get to know you better, as you share with me your 'why?' - what drove you to start your own business. I then share with you the Holisto branding method, to create the roots in which to ground your business.

Step 2 - Self reflection

You have a go at filling in the branding template I created - you do this by yourself, working on those strong roots, like your vision, beliefs and values.

Step 3 - Deep enquiry

We go over your template together. With a fresh pair of eyes and my 25+ years experience in branding and marketing, I help you uncover what is truly unique to you and your business.

We also go over the definition of your ideal customer, to make sure that your brand and your customer needs and wants are aligned.

Step 4 - Fine tuning

I put the finishing touches to your unique brand framework and if needed to your ideal customer persona (or avatar).

Step 5 - Roll out

Your brand framework and customer persona are ready to use, by you and any agency/third party working on your brand/business. I also give you a FREE guide on how to apply the framework across all areas of your business, from the naming of your brand, visuals and copy style, to how to attract new recruits with your business values.

Step 6 - Check in

We reconvene after a few weeks - guided by your schedule - to review how it's been for you: what you found easy to implement, where it's been tricky. This can be seen as an 'accountability session', as I want to make sure that you are comfortable with implementing your brand framework and that it is of real use to you.

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