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Your brand is like you and your business: it evolves with time. 

It is highly likely that your business had to adapt post pandemic, as the needs of your customers are different compared to 2 or 3 years ago.

Or perhaps the profile of your ideal client has significantly changed, as you and your business have moved on.

Making sure that your brand is still fit for purpose and in alignment with you and your business is key to your success.

That's why I've come up with the idea of a BRAND MOT.

A BRAND MOT dovetails nicely from your business plan and covers the following:

🌲 an audit of your communications, looking at all the ways you interact with your clients (be they existing ones or potential customers).

🌲 an alignment check with your business plan and the profile of your ideal client.

🌲 the health of your brand assessed against 3 key indicators:


* Visibility: how often do you show up and is your brand standing out there?


* Familiarity: do people know and understand what you offer and what makes your products / services unique?


* Relevance: is your offer relevant to your ideal clients? How well does it meet their needs?

I will then highlight where adjustments need to be made, to create full alignment between your business and your brand, as well as coherent messages to connect easily with your ideal clients.

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