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My story



I’d like to share my story with you, to give you an idea of how I got to where I am now, and how I can help you. I’m originally from France, although I’ve lived half of my life in the UK.

I am married to a Scot - I adore Scotland! - and we have an 18 year old daughter, Felicity.


I’ve spent most of my career in marketing and branding, having senior roles in a variety of organisations.

I owe my fondest memories to Cafedirect, where I led a team that grew the brand to a £30m business, whilst learning about ethical trading and reinvesting profits into growers’ communities to see them thrive.


When I look back, I realise that I’ve always wanted to make a positive difference to the lives of people connected to the places I worked for.


Motherhood has also shaped who I am in a big way, and having a child with learning difficulties has taught me patience, unconditional love and seeing the good in people rather than their faults.


It is fair to say that for a long time I’ve been on a quest, wondering what it is that I am meant to be and do in this lifetime. When I was a teenager I wanted to be a teacher, I wanted to teach English actually. I was advised not to when at secondary school, and this left me wondering, ‘what then?’ So I bumbled my way into business studies, nearly got into finance and in the end opted for a career in marketing. 


Combine this change of course with being a people-pleaser for a long, long time, and you have a disaster in the making. That’s what happened 8 years ago, as I suffered a massive and very painful burnout. 

I couldn’t see how to provide the support needed by my daughter, whilst going on working full time in London. When the brain is stressed out, it rarely finds the solutions…


Thankfully I was surrounded by my loving family and some amazing friends. They helped me find the light at the end of the tunnel and I started rebuilding myself.


After a stint in volunteering for a mental health charity, I went back on the saddle, first with freelancing and then in 2019 I set up holisto®. I distilled all the learnings from my career and developed a method to build authentic brands. This method hinges upon a simple yet universal truth: just as the founder invests so much of themselves in the business they have created, so too they project themselves - consciously or unconsciously - into the brand of their business.


Not only has this approach allowed me to use the skills and experience I gained throughout my time in a paid job, but it also has fed my appetite for learning and my everlasting curiosity.

I just enjoy getting to know people, I love listening to their totally unique stories, uncovering their skills, their innate talents and what makes them THEM. 


When I work with business owners to build brands on their traits, we create something that is truly unique and authentic, something that makes their business stand out from the crowd. 

This is simply the way for them to ‘make their mark, naturally’.


As much as I totally enjoy this work, there’s been a part of me still wanting for more, something that has been lingering all along.

And yes, if you remember the start of my story, it’s something that’s linked to guiding young people…


So a few weeks ago I embarked on a journey to do more inner work. That’s when I realised where the missing piece in the jigsaw was!

And when I saw it, I knew how obvious and straightforward it was: I can help young people figure out who they really are.


By using my method, we will explore and unravel together what their natural gifts are and where their true and authentic path lies.


No more pain being on a road that is someone else’s, be it the mates’, the teachers’ or the parents’ ideas.

No more time, energy and money wasted following a path that feels like the road to nowhere.

No more angst, confusion, knots in the belly and hidden tears from having toed the line because there’s never been a time or a place to find out what really puts a fire in your belly.


The industry gurus will tell you ‘You are not your ideal client’. And they are right. 

Because we’re all unique, there’s NO ONE like us out there. 

At the same time, if you talk to someone who’s been there and worn the T-shirt, it’s so much easier to relate.


So this is my story. With my years of being around the block at work and in life, and with the higgledy piggledy road I’ve been on, I’ve now figured out what really makes me tick, and what I genuinely believe is what I can bring to the table this time round.


So whether you’re a business owner in need of a reset, someone in a job that drains you instead of fulfilling you, or a younger someone who’s unsure of which path to take, I’ve got YOU. 

I’d love to embark by your side on your true self discovery journey, so that we can figure out how you can have the most exciting, fun and utterly rewarding life.


I can’t wait to get to know YOU. What about you?

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The roots of Holisto®

VISION:            People of all ages live a fulfilling life as they answer their calling. They're in line with their authentic self in all                              aspects of their life. At work, business owners go to market in a truthful way - a way that feels natural and                                    effortless to them, whilst earning the trust of their customers and securing a sustainable future.

MISSION:         To help people live a fulfilling life by embracing their natural gifts and choosing a path that is theirs. 

                           To help business owners grow strong roots for their brand, with products/services that stand out on the                                        market in a truthful and genuinely unique way, thus attracting their ideal clients with ease.                

BELIEFS         Everyone has talents and everyone was born with innate gifts.

                           Staying true to yourself is key to prosper and enjoy what you do.

                           Everything is connected: Mind - Body - Soul / Past-Present-Future / Personal life - Work life - Social life


VALUES:           Freedom - to be who you are, to be what you want to be, not what society, your family or the education sytem                              said was good for you / Freedom to experiment - try, fail or succeed, and learn! 

                      Love - of so many things, especially nature. But first and foremost, self love, as it's the key to a fulfilling life.                                 Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence - like every flower has its own beauty, everyone has a unique set                                of talents that make them shine. I love discovering those, and make people appreciate how special they are.

                           Honesty - telling my truth to encourage others to tell theirs.

                           Love of learning - learning is a lifelong activity, we're on a journey and there is always more to learn.

                           Creativity - it's what helps us come up with new ideas and find solutions to the challenges we meet in life.



                             Loving and caring




                             Quirky - a bit!

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