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Where do you sit on that curve?

I hope your week is going well.

As often, I came up with an idea in the shower this morning and I wanted to share it with you.

Have you ever heard of the Adoption Curve?

It’s related to the Diffusion of Innovations, a model invented by Everett Rogers in the 1960’s.

At the time, Rogers was an assistant professor of rural sociology at Ohio State University.

Fast forward to the mid-2000s, and The Diffusion of Innovations rose to become the second most-cited book in social sciences.

In a nutshell, for any innovation launched on any market, be it a new product or a new service, the way it spreads follows the same pattern. Rogers called this pattern the Adoption Curve.

By market just think of a group of people living in a certain area: your local community, a region, a country, a continent, the world!

Rogers identified 5 sub groups and named them as in the chart above.

Each sub group has its own characteristics, with the main thing that differentiates them being the way people embrace innovation: from those who want to be the first to get their mitts onto that new thing, to the ones who can’t care less and may never touch the stuff.

The purchasing behaviour of each sub group is driven by psychological factors, like the early adopters wanting to be seen as the ones in the know, often buying things for status. At the opposite end of the curve you will find those who are typically highly resistant to change.

People’s attitude to risk plays a big role in determining where they are on the curve.

In any market, the majority will want to see the innovation tried and tested before they buy it.

Now where would you say you sit on the Adoption Curve?

There is no right or wrong answer to this, we all have our preferences (although Rogers could have used something less judgemental than ‘laggards’!).

Just cast your mind back to a few purchases you made in the past year or so - from the low ticket items like a new ice cream flavour to the high ticket ones like a car - and see if a pattern is emerging.

Understanding yourself first will also help you in your business and in marketing to your clients. Depending on the type of product or service you have on offer at any given time, you will attract different types of customers. And the way to communicate with each type will differ in order to convert a prospect into a buying client.

Take the Altitude Programme for example.

The approach taken for the programme revolves around collaborative coaching.

It is a brand new concept in the coaching industry.

The programme also offers a holistic perspective to coaching, on the premise that in the end, everything goes back to the person who’s founded and is still managing the business: without a healthy business owner, the business can not thrive.

The health of the owner encompasses the physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions of health.

As a brand new concept the Altitude Programme will be a great fit for you if:

🌱 you agree that as the business owner/manager you are your business

🌱 you’ve been looking at a coaching programme that offers a ‘one-stop shop’ approach and you haven’t found any yet

🌱 you believe that everything is connected, that you can’t that simply dissociate and compartmentalise what’s happening in your personal life and your professional life

🌱 you believe in holistic health, looking at the individual as a whole, understanding that physical ailments for example are symptoms of deeper, often emotional root causes

🌱 you have an open mind about the areas to focus on in the programme, as you agree that you may have some blind spots that could have hampered your progress and the success of your business

As the Altitude Programme is brand new, it will also be for you if:

🌱 you often enjoy being one of the first people to try new products or services

🌱 you are ready to take risks if you see a medium to high return on your investment

🌱 in business you love taking the ‘first mover advantage’, as you understand the benefits of being the first on the market with a new offer

On the contrary, the Altitude Programme may not be a great fit for you if:

-you’re usually averse to taking risks

-you tend to buy tried and tested products and services, those which are well established

-you make purchases based on client testimonials and positive reviews

-you are super clear about the area in your business that you need some coaching for and your don’t need a range of coaching services

I hope this example helped you understand how to put in practise the Adoption Curve in your business.

And if you find yourself wanting to know more about the Altitude Programme, you can book a zoom call with me to explore further if it’s a good fit for you.

However you need to be quick if you want to take advantage of the discounted launch price (yep, that’s one of the extra benefits of being an early adopter!) as the offer ends very soon…

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