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What's trending in your trade?

Photo credit: David Sjunnesson

Dear all,

I hope that 2022 has got off to a good start for you.

New Year Resolutions are still stuck to I hope, Blue Monday is behind us, so let’s talk about trends!

Whichever area of our lives, we can notice trends, be they big or small, fleeting or long-lasting. Fashion is probably one of the most familiar areas we can think of when we hear the word ‘trends’. Do you know what will be ‘in' this Spring/Summer season?

These days we also have news outlets and social media platforms letting us know about ‘what’s trending’ at the very minute we’re connected. As I’m writing this piece, the top trending story on the BBC news app is about Arnie in a car crash…

I’ve been running #TrendingTuesday in my Facebook group for over a year now, and it’s been fascinating to explore the big trends that impacted on our society, our businesses and our lives.

This year I am also inviting group members to share what’s trending in their sector, using the theme of #TrendInMyTrade.

Whether or not you wish to follow trends, it’s important to be aware of them, especially the ones having an influence on your area of work. These trends will be embraced by some of your customers and depending on the scale of their impact, they might play a role in the fortunes of your business/brand.

Following and adopting trends can be very beneficial, but it can also be quite damaging to your business/brand.

So how do you know whether it will be a good thing or a bad thing to follow a trend?

Well, if you notice that your ideal customers embrace that trend, it’s probably worth paying attention to it at the very least.

Yet, the answer lies first and foremost in your brand/business. Does this trend chime with your beliefs and values, the way you conduct your business? Or does it go in the opposite direction of your business vision?

When I was younger, I dreamt of having straight hair, like some of my friends. And if the magazines at the hairdressers were full of models with straight hair that year, I would want this even more! As much as I tried though, the wet weather where I grew up in the North of France made sure that the curls would come back with a vengeance!

Going for a trend that is not you/your brand/your business is a waste of time, effort and potentially lots of money. It can also be damaging to the reputation of your brand/business, as your customers will see through that this is not what your business/brand is about and what you are known for.

So my suggestion to you is this: like the surfers on the image above, watch the trends like they watch the waves. And only go for the ones that you’re ready for and confident to surf!

If you’d like to have a quick access to the major trends of 2022, join my Facebook group and let’s explore them together.

And if you wish to grow your authentic brand by grounding it in strong and healthy roots, which will help you make decisions such as which trend to follow, get in touch!

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Jan 22, 2022

Thank you so much Miss Sylvie for Sharing and for the heart of helping people's businesses or brands we as Love People Foundation have learnt alot from you and we expect to learn even more.

Sylvie Barr
Sylvie Barr
Jan 22, 2022
Replying to

Thank you Love People Foundation 🙏🏻

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