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This is driving me mad!!!

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But before I tell you what it is, let’s rewind a little bit.

Last week in my group and on LinkedIn, we had fun exploring what our top values are.

Values, the compass that helps you navigate life, the compass that helps you on your journey, the compass that guides you towards your destination.

Freedom and creativity kept coming in, and I was really chuffed to see that by putting myself out there as who I am - no more, no less - I was easily interacting with people who got me - the like minded ones, the ones I’m here to serve!

We shared how our values show up in what we do and what we say, in all aspects of our lives - be it at work, at home or with friends.

Each of us had their own special take on what these values meant for them, but they were pointing to similar ideas and similar feelings.

I use proven tools and techniques to help my clients find out what their top values are if they’re struggling to recognise them straight away. As I often say, we’re so used to ourselves that sometimes we need a fresh pair of eyes, a neutral sounding board to help us realise what’s truly there.

With my method we also explore the counterpoint, as it can be easier to know what we DON’T want or what we DON’T like, before we can define what we want and what we like.

So I ask my clients about their pet hate. The thing that really gets on their nerves.

Anger they say - when handled properly - can be the fire that will set you in motion and get you to take action.

Your pet hate will complement your values, it might even become your mission, your purpose.

Many charitable causes and movements were set up as a reaction to something that was deemed unacceptable. One day someone stood up and declared ‘That’s enough. Let’s end this cause of suffering. Who’s in?’

Right, who wants to know what my pet hate is then? What REALLY drives me nuts?


I’m not sure exactly how it all started, but I guess that my upbringing had a bit to do with it. I was taught not to waste food or any other resources. I’m the one who will put the bottle of dishwasher liquid or the bottle of shampoo upside down to use the very last drop!

I’ll switch the lights off as soon as I leave the room, I’ll scrape the sauce at the bottom of the pan and freeze the leftovers for a mid week supper, I’ll use the very last sheet of toilet paper stuck to the roll.

This hatred for waste has naturally translated into my business, in that I can not bear watching people’s potential wasted. When I see so many people painstakingly trying to copy others in the hope of achieving momentum and gaining success I want to shout: ‘STOP!! Stop wasting your time, your energy, your money, your life! Stop trying to be someone you’re not! Just be yourself, embrace your natural gifts, be proud of who you are!’

I say ‘STOP!’ to those who have lost their way by following a path that is not theirs: the business owners who struggle to prosper, those in a job where they feel stuck and uninspired, the young people confused about what to do next.

All of them share the same issue: they have lost that deep sense of who they really are, what puts a fire in their belly, a spark in their eyes, a spring in their step.

They’re on autopilot and go through life like it was a silent movie in black and white, instead of their favourite story in High Definition and Dolby Sound (right now I’m thinking of the movie Trolls - one of my daughter's favourites).

Do you feel a bit like that right now? Or do you know someone who’s in a bit of a funk at the moment? I’m not talking about someone who needs help with their mental health, I’m no doctor or healer.

I’m talking about someone who needs to rediscover the path to joy and fulfilment, by doing things they’re great at, in the way that’s right for them.

If this resonates, I’d love to take this further.

Think of summer school. Some homework for you/the person you’re thinking of, to do during the holiday, at your own pace, in your own time, to recalibrate and come back recharged and re-energised for September.

Interested? Then book yourself a slot in my diary, let me be your Branch for a while and we can design the type of work that will suit you best 😊

Until then,

To your wholesome success 🙏🏻

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