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The Beauty of You

‘A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it.

It just blooms.’

When I read that quote a while ago, I loved it so much I put it on the homepage of my website.

It perfectly sums up how I want to serve my clients. I want to help them make their mark in the most natural way that is, by being themselves.

Since our childhood, we’ve all been trained to compare and compete: ’Look at how well behaved your sister is, can’t you just be like her?’ - ‘Coming second is the first loser’s place, you’d better win that race at the weekend’ etc etc.

Countless generations of kids have grown up, aching to look like the top model, sports(wo)man or singer of their times. And with selfies and apps like TikTok, it’s happening even earlier and faster than before.

I guess it’s part of life, we’re social animals and rarely live on a remote island, and comparing ourselves to others helps us find our own identity in some way.

Yet, if this is not balanced with knowing and celebrating our authentic self, compare and compete can be counterproductive, highly toxic even.

If you strive to become something that deep down you’re not, you won’t be as good as if it was in your true nature. You’ll keep trying, but you will fall short of the results you had so wanted to see. And that will eat slowly at you, as you will always find someone who’s better at it than you are. That will get you down and you’ll feel dejected. Do you really want to go to that place?

Now flip it on the other side. If you focus on your strengths, the things that you can almost do in your sleep, how good will you feel and how bright will you shine out there? You will have energy, boundless enthusiasm to deliver what you set out to, and you will see results!

Well, exactly the same applies to your brand. Does your brand try to copy some other successful brand you admire, or is it grounded in the reality of your business and who you really are? Pause and have a think about that - and give yourself an honest answer.

There are 2 major advantages to grounding your brand in yourself and the way you do business. You’ve guessed the first one - it’s easier, effortless almost, as you don’t have to waste time and energy pretending to project something your business is not.

The other BIG advantage is that there’s only ONE YOU. You are totally unique, there’s no clone of you out there. So when you focus on what makes you/your business unique, your brand stands out in the market, just like that - naturally and beautifully.

So wind back to the time you started your business - how did you build your brand?

What are the foundations you’ve given to it, which roots is it grounded in?

At a time when people are bombarded with information and online usage has sky rocketed, these are questions you can not ignore if you want your brand to stand out and your business to thrive.

I created a brand framework to help my clients ground their brand in their authentic self.

Some of my clients who are very clear about their vision and their strengths take the framework and put it together themselves.

Other clients choose to work with me through a deep enquiry, five-step process, in order to (re)define their brand and learn how to apply the framework in every area of their business.

Which path would you like to take for your brand? Do let me know, together we can bring your brand and business to a beautiful bloom!

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