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Promises, Promises...

Photo credit: Andrew Petrov

Events in the UK these past few weeks - namely in the world of politics - have prompted me to hit the keyboard and write today.

The recent announcements from the Government and ensuing debates highlight a fundamental, sacrosanct point in any relationships and thus in branding: there’s nothing worse than breaking a promise.

The leader of the Opposition led the charge against Boris Johnson at Prime Minister Questions last Wednesday, as yet another pledge from the latest Conservative Party manifesto was broken.

From the rise in National Insurance contributions to the new formula to fund social care, via the cancellation of the Eastern leg of HS2, promises made to win the last general elections are broken, one by one.

Whilst politicians will face the consequences at the next vote, businesses/brands that don’t honour their promises typically see their customers walk away to the competition. And once you lose a customer in these circumstances, it is VERY hard to regain their custom later on.

In both cases, the relationship is damaged because trust has been eroded or totally lost.

So how do you ensure that your promise will keep - and even reinforce - the trust that customers have in your brand/business?

At a time when so much has evolved around us, it is worth pausing and revisiting your brand promise. Does it still stand? Can your business still deliver the way it used to pre pandemic?

Is it still enough or has it become somewhat irrelevant to your customers’ needs? Has your business experienced major shifts, for example an increase in costs, or some issues with logistics or recruiting personnel?

Can you hand on heart say that the promise of the customer experience your brand/business made a while ago is still achievable within the parameters you currently operate?

If the shifts significantly impact on your brand promise, be on the front foot. Don’t wait for your customers to find out by themselves. Don’t disappoint them as the gap between your promise and your delivery has become so noticeable that you end up under-delivering all the time.

Conversely, have you, like quite a few business owners, found new opportunities and developed new products/services that enhance your offer? If so, it is highly likely that your brand promise also needs revisiting, in order to encompass all aspects of your product/service range.

Re-work your brand promise so that you can carry on honouring it under the new circumstances and LET YOUR CUSTOMERS KNOW.

They will thank you for your honesty and for managing their expectations.

And rather than seeing them walk away, you will keep their custom.

Need help with revisiting your brand promise? From finding out how your customers’ needs have evolved, to reshaping your promise and communicating it to them, I can help you with a plan of action.

Don’t lose sleep over this, nor put your head in the sand, get in touch and let’s get to work!

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