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On Imbolc day

photo credit: Aaron Burden

Well what a bumpy take-off for 2021!!

I was back homeschooling early January with lockdown #3, and this time round, school has really cranked up the pace - a nearly full timetable, with online lessons and register of attendance at the start of every class, with me by Felicity’s side so she can access her tuition.

Needless to say that this wasn’t what you and I had planned for January: we were all coming up with serious intentions to start the year focused, energised and determined to make 2021 the best one for our businesses, brushing away the painful memories of 2020.

After the initial frustrations, the frantic limbering up to Google classes and juggling this with my business objectives, I took time for a breather.

It became clear that I could not do everything. Maybe I could, but would I put the level of care and attention I aspire to in each and everyone of these plates I have to spin? Not a chance.

So I made the choice. I chose Fe. I decided to downsize my business activities to service my existing clients only. I put the active prospecting on hold, and kept my Facebook group as engaged as I could. My story is one of many around the country, as parents, and especially mums, had to make do with this reality.

I feel very lucky that financially I could make that choice. Deep down though, I also know that in January we are still in the midst of winter. So to push ourselves at a time when the animal in us still needs to turn inwards and rest, might have negative consequences on our ability to rebound when the lighter days come.

The beginning of February marks the midpoint of winter, and from 1st February at sunset throughout 2nd February, it is Imbolc: an ancient Celtic holiday that celebrates the very first stirrings of new life – the earliest breaths of spring.

We are slowly beginning to feel the very earliest hints of spring rising in nature and in our spirits.

A bunch of snowdrops here, a few daffodils and crocuses poking out there. Or the news that the vaccination programme is starting to make a dent in the number of Covid cases..

So rather than stressing on the things that couldn’t happen at the start of this year, perhaps let’s celebrate the little steps that we all made. We may have learnt new skills when homeschooling, like patience (!), that we will be able to transfer in our business.

We may have seen new shoots of business opportunities, like growing our network, or being able to guest edit an event in another one.

And this reminds me of one thing when it comes to growing a business/brand. Like anything in life, it takes time. We have been so used in our society to get everything at our fingertips, right here, right now. We have forgotten ancient wisdom and expect success and recognition to be delivered in a blink of an eye, straight after the purchase of a course or the creation of a lead magnet.

I wish - everyone wants to be successful, that’s our drive. But today I will learn to be patient, and to celebrate as it should, I will fully appreciate the green shoots of business opportunities that appear if I keep tending to my brand regularly and consistently.

I hope you can do the same. As sure as the sun rises in the East, spring is coming, and with it, hopefully some brighter days.

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