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No Mud, No Lotus

photo credit: Abhidev Vaishnav

I came across this quote during a yoga challenge last month and realised afterwards that it's from Thich Nhat Hanh. The late Zen Buddhist spiritual leader, a favourite of one of my best mates, used this quote as an analogy for life: without pain or suffering, there cannot be happiness.

Well... as much as I'd love to carry on the conversation on that level, I'm not here to talk about my own spiritual awakening 🙂

The other reason I love this quote is that it draws from Mother Nature, the inspiration behind my business. I read this as a great analogy for what I'd like to share with you today.

This time of year naturally invites us to slow down and go inwards. The longer the nights and the colder the days are, the animal within us senses that it's nearly time to hibernate!

But of course, life is no longer like this, the pace of modern society can even feel relentless and crushing to some of us sometimes.

Yet, if you keep going and going and going, there's no time for you to review the results of your endeavours.

In this scenario there's no time to absorb, learn and integrate.

You end up getting information, facts, figures, data, so much content, yet no wisdom.

All this stuff glides over you like water over a duck's feathers...

Now I hope you agree with me - how counterproductive is this!

So my invitation for you right now , is to allow yourself to slow down, pause and take stock.

The same way leaves fall off the trees to create natural compost, or sediments gather on the river bed to foster life, the success of your business/brand lies in being grounded in fertile soil.. And I know EXACTLY what this looks like...

So my invitation for you today is to carve some 'me' time to go inwards and go back to the roots.

🌱 Do you feel like you're still on track?

🌱 Or do you sense that you've strayed and veered off onto an unfamiliar, awkward path, compared to the one you embarked on when you set up your business a while ago?

🌱 Do you have a clear sense that your business/brand is grounded in strong and solid roots?

Whichever stage you're in in your business, I invite you to take time to take stock.

🌱 Do you still have that fire in your belly everyday you wake up?

🌱 Do you feel that you're on the path that's the best for you to reach your destination?

🌱 Do you believe that the way you show up and interact is totally aligned to:

-where you want to go

-how you want to get there

-serving the people you really want to positively impact ???

If the answer to a few of these questions is 'Hmm, I dunno', then it's even more important for you to pause.

And the good news is that you don't have to do this alone, as I can help you with what I call 'Your Brand Health Check'. That's what it looks like:

Making sure that your brand is still fit for purpose and in alignment with the person you are now and the business you run in 2022.

As part of your Brand Health Check, I will undertake an audit of your communications, looking at all the ways you interact with your clients (be they existing ones or potential customers).

I will compare this with your business plan (don't fret, if you haven't got one written, I mean I will look at your aspirations and how you plan to get there), as well as with the profile of your ideal clients.

I will highlight where adjustments need to be made to create full alignment between your business and your brand, so that your messages are coherent and you get to connect easily with your ideal clients.

How does this all sound?

Are you ready to take stock and go inwards?

If you want to do so with my guidance, drop me a line, I'm ready to serve you.

To your wholesome success 🙏🏻


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