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🌱 The secret for your business to stand out naturally in the market place and for creating a truly authentic and magnetic brand is to ground it in your SELF.

Imagine being able to...

🌱 Attract your ideal clients with EASE and in full INTEGRITY, so that you show up in CONFIDENCE and          excitement, totally comfortable BEING YOU

🌱 Stand out in the market place in a completely UNIQUE way, so that your clients can find you easily,                 knowing straightaway that you're the one for them and they hit 'reply' to work with you without delay or       order the product they were dreaming of

🌱 Spend more time doing what you LOVE and serve your clients, being fulfilled in your day-to-day work,           excited at the view of your diary filled with client appointments

🌱 FOCUS on what you love to do, rather than spending hours and hours on marketing & promotions that          keep missing the mark

🌱 BE more PRODUCTIVE and more CREATIVE, having the headspace to prepare and be fully present in             your client sessions, carving some uninterrupted time in your calendar to come up with new ideas to             serve your customers AND spending more quality time with your loved ones

🌱 AND SAVE loads of CASH, TIME, and ENERGY in the process! 

I can't wait to share my unique method with you, which I created when I set up holisto®.


In my career working for multi-million pound businesses and building award-winning brands, I spotted that people managing brands often missed something - something that is crucial to the authenticity and sustainability of any brand: its connection to the founder of the business.


After investing in my own personal development I cracked the code to create and manage authentic brands! Today I am fully living my purpose and doing what I'm passionate about: working with small business owners and solopreneurs so they stand out naturally in the market place, by co-creating their authentic brand.

In this exclusive branding mentorship programme, I will take you on a journey of self (re)discovery to root your brand in your authentic SELF. 

The first part of the journey will reveal your Brand Expression.

The second part of the journey will reveal your Brand Actions.

The third part of the journey will reveal your Brand Purpose.

You will walk away from this branding mentorship programme with:

🌱 Your own holisto® brand kit. Your brand kit includes the key elements that you hand over to a graphic             designer, a copy writer, a website builder, a photographer, etc - so that you create authentic brand assets       either online, like your website and social media profiles - or offline, like your business cards,                             packaging and leaflets.

🌱 These assets will give you a strong and consistent brand presence across all your platforms, which is key       to maintain the visibility of your brand with your ideal clients.

🌱 You will be fully embodied in your brand and will love the essence of it, because it will be rooted in your          unique personalityvalues and purpose.

🌱 The confidence and pride to talk about your products or services, without having these icky feelings of           sounding sales-y, spammy or boasting - finally letting go of that imposter syndrome!

Programme Details

🌱 The doors to my 4 week online mentorship programme are now OPEN!

🌱 This is a rolling programme, your start date follows shortly after confirmation of your enrolment

🌱 Content will be drip fed throughout the week, so that you can easily fit the lessons in                                           your schedule, without feeling overwhelmed

🌱 We will gather every Monday afternoon in a live call, so that you can integrate your learning and have             your questions answered 


My promise to you

🌱 I will guide you through this process step by step, making this simple and manageable to understand             as there won't be any jargon or confusing abstract concepts to put you off!

🌱 I will reveal what is behind the success of many famous brands, so you can easily understand how it's             done and get the inspiration for your own brand. 

🌱 You will craft your own brand through practical exercises that will put you in the driving seat for                      your brand creation, just as you have been the driving force behind the creation of your business.

🌱 Ongoing support through the weekly calls and a private forum where you will meet like-minded                        business owners (some might even become your next clients!).

🌱 You will receive my dedicated attention as enrolment is capped at maximum 12 participants, so that I           can be there for each and every one of you with a high level of support throughout the programme.

Your investment

After 25 years of learning my craft and cracking the secret code for authentic branding, I have infused this branding mentorship programme with what truly matters when it comes to creating and managing your authentic brand. 

I am on a mission to help as many business owners as possible show up authentically and confidently, so that they can spend more time in their business, serving their clients - and less time & money on their business, marketing and promoting.

This is why I am thrilled to give you access to some amazing early bird offers.

My mentorship programme - How to stand out naturally in the market place - is usually priced at £1,700.


For a limited period* of time only, I want you to enjoy one of the following offers - choose the option that best suits you:

*Only 12 places available, allocated on a first come first served basis, so don't delay and register now!

Once you reserve your place, you will be issued one or multiple invoices, depending on the offer you choose.


eye - mathieu-stern.jpg

pay in full

one payment

of £1,000 

and save £700

pay as you profit

4 monthly payments

of £300 

and save £500 


pay as you profit

9 monthly payments

of £199 


”Sylvie has developed a very clear, intuitive approach to brand development. The course was an excellent introduction to the approach and gave me lots of useful reflection points and exercises to do, which demystified the process of brand development. It gave me hope that it needn't be a painful exercise but can be both fun and provoke profound reflection!

Sylvie's style of coaching is very warm and encouraging and I really enjoyed the interaction with other course participants. 

I highly recommend the course to anyone establishing a new business or who wants to invest in their brand, I can really see how the groundwork it provides is essential before investing further in outward facing branding and communications materials."

Headshot Rebecca Morahan_edited.jpg

Rebecca Morahan

Sustainable Trade Consultant

Gill Kearney.JPG

Gill Kearney

Intuitive Life and Business Coach

”I enjoyed taking part in Sylvie’s 4 week ‘Grow Your Authentic Brand’ course. It was a great introduction to brand development, with some really helpful exercises and discussions to really get underneath who you are and how that impacts your brand as you create and develop it further. 

It gave me much food for thought at a point where I wanted to start to develop my branding and ensure it was authentically rooted in who I am and what I’m wanting my business to achieve. 

I love Sylvie’s warm style. She's got a really bubbly personality and her enthusiasm and her intuition as she worked with the group to help each of us to move our brand forward was fantastic. 

The group interaction was also particularly helpful in discussing and develop insights further. 

It was a real pleasure to work with Sylvie and I highly recommend her and this course to you."

Who is this mentorship programme for?

🌱 This is the perfect programme for people who have found their calling and set up their own business on         the back of it. I will show you how to infuse your brand with your unique purpose.
🌱 If your business is in its early days, this is the opportunity to see it off to a great start with a strong,                 authentic, highly visible, magnetic and unique brand that stands out in the market place.
🌱 If you have been running your business for a few years now, it's highly likely that you have had to make           some significant adjustments to weather the impact of the pandemic.
      Now is the time to review whether your brand is still fit for purpose and to give your business an                       authentic and differentiating edge


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